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September 10, 2018

Act of Violence (2018) --- “They Took The Wrong Sister, And Nothing Will Stand In Their Way To Get Her Back.”

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     On the streets of Cleveland, the MacGregor brothers – Deklan (Hauser), Roman (Holmes), and Brandon (Ashmore) – world turns into a war zone when Mia, Roman’s fiancée, gets kidnapped by a nefarious crime syndicate specializing in drugs and human trafficking. Rather than wait around for the police to do something, Deklan, an Army vet struggling with PTSD, enlists the help of his two brothers to go on a paramilitary operation to rescue Mia. They will do whatever it takes to get her back, consequences be damned.

     Directed by Brett Donowho (Salvation) and Written by Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto (SEAL Patrol), Acts of Violence (2018) a gritty B-movie about the value of family, the effects of PTSD, the horrific phenomenon that is human trafficking, and the consequences of revenge.
    This film shows how far corruption can spread. Its sickening just how many people who have the ability to change things are willing to turn a blind eye just so they can get other bad guys and/or line their own pockets. But awareness is not only given to the horrific phenomenon that is human trafficking but awareness is also given to how PTSD can affect more than just the host. Deklan is an Army vet and we see how he struggles through a number of things. We see how PTSD affects him and in turn how it affects those around him, it even affects him finding a job. But despite the fact that he continually pushes his family away, we can see that they won’t ever give up on him, just like he won’t ever give up on them. Sure they fight and bicker and say things that they probably shouldn’t but when it really comes down to it. When it really matters, family is family and they have to stick together no matter what. And while they know that by taking matters into their own hands they could go to prison, if it means getting Mia back in one piece then they will gladly face whatever consequences.
     The cast were great in their respective roles. The cast was great in their respective roles. Although the film stars Bruce Willis (Death Wish) once again he takes more of a supporting role, while Cole Hauser (Olympus Has Fallen and Yellowstone TV series), Shawn Ashmore (X-Men and Conviction TV series), and Ashton Holmes (The Divided) carry most of the film. And let's just say that they gave pretty good performances. The rest of the supporting characters did well. Melissa Bolona (The Hurricane Heist), Tiffany Brouwer (The Help), and Sophie Bush (Incredibles 2) are great as the main girls in the film. While Mike Epps (Friday After Next), Sean Brosnan (Don Peyote), and Rotimi Akinosho (Black Nativity) are pulled off the bad guy vibe that made you hate them.

     Overall, Acts of Violence (2018) is one of Bruce Willis’ best B-movies, mainly because he is more of a supporting character here rather than a main role. This film is about vengeance and the horrific phenomenon that is human trafficking but there are some underlining themes about the value of family and the affects of PTSD. The story is overall great, not a blockbuster quality film but if your looking for a b-movie with intense action then this one is for you. If you enjoyed Death Wish (2018) then you will probably enjoy this one. There is not as much action but it is still worth watching.

"Brother...when you raise your shield, so will I. Sister...when you charge at the enemy, so will I. And if death awaits us, calling his warriors home. Let me go die smiling by your side, for we are family."
 - Deklan

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  6.9 of 10 star
Worth Buying:  6.9 of 10 stars

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