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August 6, 2018

Mission Impossible - Fallout (2018) --- "Some Missions Are Not A Choice. And Some Choices Require A Mission."

Plot Summary
Ethan Hunt and the IMF team join forces with CIA assassin August Walker to prevent a disaster of epic proportions. Arms dealer John Lark and a group of terrorists known as the Apostles plan to use three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attack on the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. When the weapons go missing, Ethan and his crew find themselves in a desperate race against time to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. (1)

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
    Usually, by the sixth installation, a series is starting to push it. But Mission Impossible – Fallout (2018) is an exciting action-packed espionage sequel that we have been waiting to see. Fallout is both the best Mission Impossible film to date and one of the best action films of this year. Before watching Fallout I always say James Bond, Jason Bourne and Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt as sort of action-spy film brothers. James Bond is the responsible overachiever oldest brother, Jason Bourne is the strong and somewhat rebellious second brother, and Ethan Hunt is the independent, risk-taking, rule-breaker little brother. But now after seeing Fallout, I can safely say that Bond and Bourne have to step up their game.

     Fallout picks up right after Rogue Nation (2015), Solomon Lane is incarcerated and his organization The Syndicate has now become a terrorist group called The Apostles, who are trying to get their hands on three plutonium cores and create worldwide destruction. "There cannot be peace without first, a great suffering. The greater the suffering, the greater the peace." - Solomon Lane. In typical Mission Impossible fashion we are faced with many conspiracies, twists, and backstabbing that will make any viewer, fan or not, confused as to which side the characters are on. Some of the twist you see coming but a great deal of them are unexpected, and yet the story is easy to follow. But remember nothing meets eye.
     The film’s narrative is complex and manages to keep everything together by creating a unique and suspenseful atmosphere, as well as adding plenty of action stunts to leave you breathless. And while the story is not exactly anything we have not seen before, the film’s biggest game changer is through the delivery of the action pieces. The practical effects help deliver more realistic action sequences. Combined with a great score by Lorne Balfe and very realistic sound design, every punch, kick, and body slam will leave you on the edge of your seat.
     The cinematography by Rob Hardy is beautiful. As we jump from Paris to London, and then Kashmir (near/in India) we are bombarded with stunning visuals and beautiful scenery that makes even the intense moments look beautiful.
     The characters are complex and are well developed which allows for them to contribute towards a lot of the story’s twists and turns. They bring emotion, drama, suspense, and even a little romance, all while remaining a little unexpected so that specific twist surprise you at the right time. While the cast does great I do have to mention that there were times when Henry Cavill’s character was a bit unnerving and even felt forced.

     Overall, Mission Impossible- Fallout (2018) is an incredibly suspenseful action-packed sequel that this series needed. The story and characters are complex, while the stunning visuals make even the intense scenes look beautiful. The action blends thrilling chase scenes and death-defying stunts with a beautiful score and realistic sound effects that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Whether or not you’re a die-hard Mission Impossible fan or Tom Cruise fan, I don’t believe you will be disappointed in this film. My father has gotten tired of Tom Cruise but even he could not deny that this film was entertaining. It has everything we expected and more, so I highly recommend it.

"How many times has Hunt's government betrayed him, disavowed him, cast him aside? How long before a man like that has had enough?"
- August Walker [from trailer]

Final Vote
Worth Seeing: 9 of 10 star
Worth Buying: 9of 10 stars

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