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June 26, 2018

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) --- "Something Has Survived And They're Walking Our Streets"

Plot Summary
John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) summons chaos theorist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) to his home with some startling information -- while nearly everything at his Jurassic Park had been destroyed, his engineers happened to have a second site, where other dinosaurs were kept in hiding. It seems the dinosaurs on the second island are alive and well and even breeding; Hammond wants Malcolm to observe and document the reptiles before Hammond's financiers can get to them. (1)

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
  The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) is the second film in the Jurassic Park series and much more intense than the original film. Director Steven Spielberg returns with a sci-fi classic and creates a new rhythm for the film to follow, while still staying true to the original. The Lost World is darker, thrilling, more intense, and has a mean streak that delivers an intelligent story. There are show-stopping scenes that will leave you speechless and probably one of the scariest raptor scenes than ever before.

  It has been four years since Jurassic Park and Isla Nublar, in which it resided, was drowned and destroyed by a hurricane that kills most of the dinosaurs. However, there was a second island, Isla Sorna, which was used as a sort of breading ground for the dinosaurs before being moved to Isla Nublar. However, the project was abandoned after the events on Isla Nublar and the same hurricane destroyed the facilities on Isla Sorna. The Lost World takes place on Isla Sorna, where different parties fight over ownership for the dinosaurs. The only question is: Who will succeed and who will be eaten?
  Now I have never read the book by Michael Crichton but I know some fans of the book were upset with certain book-to-film differences. Some wanted more gory action scenes like in the book. However, you have to understand that Jurassic Park is a sci-fi adventure and sometimes gore should be reserved for horror or R-rated films. As an avid book reader myself, it is not always a good thing for filmmakers to remain 100% faithful to the book(s). As long as the main storyline, important characters, and important aspects of the story remain true to the book then I don’t find anything wrong with making a few changes. The filmmakers kept in mind the likely hood of younger audience members, so while there is not a lot of gore there is still a great deal of intensity in the action sequences that entice adult audience members. The special effects and the music (John Williams) were even better than the original. The effects contained a great balance between computer effects and animatronics, making the dinosaurs feel even more real and alive. And the music makes a few adjustments for the scare and adventure, while still paying homage to the original.
  The acting was once again great with a couple reprising roles. Jeff Goldblum returns as Ian Malcolm, who complained most of the film but after the events of the last film can you really blame him. Richard Attenborough also returns as John Hammond, who played a nice but brief part in this film. New characters played by  Julianne Moore (Suburbicon), Vince Vaughn (Delivery Man), Pete Postlethwaite (Inception), and Arliss Howard (Full Metal Jacket; Money Ball) provide fresh faces as well as funny and interesting moments.

  I am a big dinosaur fan, along with mythical creatures and such, so the Jurassic Park series is one of my favorite series of all time. Some people claim The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) to be the worst in the series, while others like me love it. Nevertheless, The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) is an adequate addition to the series. The intensity was there while still keeping to its science fiction and adventure feel. The acting was great from both new and reprising roles, and the special effects have improved since ’93. I greatly recommend this film to any dinosaur or even Jurassic Park fan.

"Just follow the screams."
- Dr. Ian Malcolm

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  7.8 of 10 stars
Worth Buying:  7.8 of 10 stars

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