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June 13, 2018

Ocean's 8 (2018) --- "Every Con Has Its Pros. Here's 8 Of Them."

Plot Summary
Five years, eight months, 12 days and counting -- that's how long Debbie Ocean has been devising the biggest heist of her life. She knows what it's going to take -- a team of the best people in the field, starting with her partner-in-crime Lou Miller. Together, they recruit a crew of specialists, including jeweler Amita, street con Constance, suburban mom Tammy, hacker Nine Ball, and fashion designer Rose. Their target -- a necklace that's worth more than $150 million. (1)

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     Ocean’s 8 (2018) is amazing. From the moment that I found out that they were making an all-female cast Ocean’s film, I knew that it would interesting. But now after seeing this film, interesting does not even describe it.  Ocean’s 8 had a lot to live up to after the success of George Clooney’s Ocean’s film and I can say without a doubt that this film is very different. Director Gary Ross (Free State of Jones) brings us a whole new story, one that is not a feministic campaign, with a new set of characters and even a few cameo appearances.

     The story builds and plays out quite well, and is unexpectedly funny. The premise of this film is a jewelry heist at The Met Gala, the most exclusive party in America, which I found to be an intriguing change instead of the cliché bank/casino heist. Like previous Ocean’s films, this story is filled with beautiful visuals and a music score that pays homage to the previous Ocean’s films. I don’t think that we could have asked for more from this story.
     Now given that the film takes place at the Met Gala, also known for its gorgeous and adventurous displays of fashion,  it is only fitting that I mention the event outfits. The dresses that the main characters and even a few background characters wear were breathtaking. In addition, the outfits throughout the film add to the story quite well and one can easily understand a character’s personality simply based on their outfit.
­­­­     The cast is wonderful and introduces us to diverse and developed characters that have great chemistry and their main topic of conversation is not men. As charming as George Clooney (as Danny Ocean) is, Sandra Bullock (Our Brand Is Crisis) embraces her role as Danny Ocean’s sister, Debbie. She portrays a sophisticated and playfully confident character that doesn't rely on her relationship with Danny to capture the audience. The rest of the cast – Cate Blanchett (Thor: Ragnarok) as rock-n-roll hippy Lou, Helena Bonham Carter (The Crown) as quirky bankrupt designer Rose, Sarah Paulson (The Post) as clumsy fencer Tammy, Anne Hathaway (Serenity) as the underestimated self-absorbed Daphne, Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) as shy jewelry expert Amita, Awkwafina (Storks) as master pickpocket Constance, and Rihanna (Battleship; Home) as expert street hacker Nine Ball – are all great in their respective roles. In addition, it was nice to see a few cameos of the original crew. However, there was one scene which proved to have been the perfect moment for George Clooney’s character to make a sort of clever cameo. Without spoiling anything I will simply say, there is a moment where Bullock’s character is drinking a Martini and upon first glance, it almost seems like she is setting it aside for someone else. Whether or not this was just act of story tension building, this scene would have been the perfect moment for audiences to see a tuxedo arm reach out and take the drink for himself. Thus ending the film on a silent and somewhat desired note.

     Overall, Ocean’s 8 (2018) is entertaining and a fresh start to the Ocean films. The story is very different from previous films and while the cast is primarily female, I did not feel like I was watching a feminist campaign, which was greatly appreciated. Sometimes its best to just make a great film without all the political hoo-ha and drivel. The build-up to the heist was just as good as the heist itself, and it still managed to withhold a few secrets until the end. The use of the Met Gala as the premise for the heist was absolutely perfect and the outfits and visuals during the event were stunningly beautiful. The cast was amazing, especially Bullock who added a new level to a character we thought we knew or anticipated, while the costumes add to the story and the character’s individual personalities. Whether or not you’re a fan of the previous Ocean’s films, I highly recommend this film to anyone looking for a good and funny heist film. I also recommend that you at least watch Ocean’s Eleven (2001) so as to understand a couple character cameos.
"He would have loved it."
- Debbie Ocean

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  9 of 10 stars
Worth Buying:  9 of 10 stars

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