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March 20, 2019

Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018) --- "Just Be You."

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Hello, Movie Buffs!
     Directed by Ian Samuels (Myrna the Monster) and written by Lindsey Beer (Chaos Walking), Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018) follows Sierra, the biggest loser in school, who, after a case of mistaken identity results in an unexpected romance with Jamey, enlists the help of the most popular girl in school in order to help each other win over their crushes. What’s going to happen when Jamey discovers the truth? Will everything fall apart? Or will something beautiful come from it?
     Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018) is a cute and entertaining teen rom-com film by Netflix studios. The story flowed well and touches on a meaningful message about friendship and inner beauty. There were times when the film was annoying and felt like it was dragging but the film has heart and good emotional pacing.
     The casting was good. Shannon Purser (Riverdale) is beautiful and while this film is about Sierra being a loser, I felt like it overly degraded her to make her seem like a loser. Noah Centineo (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) was fitting as Jamey, although I felt he was underused in this film then he was in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Kristine Froseth (Apostle, Prey) as Veronica was annoying at first but she later reveals some endearing qualities.
     Overall, Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018) is a teen rom-com that is entertaining in its own way but not exactly one of Netflix’s finest films. The story does have heart and the casting was good, but wouldn’t say that this was my favorite film. Nevertheless, I still think you should check it out and form and opinion for yourself.

Final Vote --- 6.8 of 10 stars

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