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October 26, 2018

The Mountain Between Us (2017) --- "Surviving Brought These Strangers Together."

Plot Summary
Stranded on a mountain after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must work together to endure the extreme elements of the remote, snow-covered terrain. Realizing that help is not on the way, they embark on a perilous journey across hundreds of miles of wilderness, pushing each other to survive and discovering their inner strength. (1) 

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     The Mountain Between Us (2017) focus on two strangers who have met under the most unusual circumstances are forced to work together in order to survive the harsh and icy terrain of the Rocky Mountains and find civilization knowing that nobody knows where they are. After seeing this film I was shocked to discover that it received a good number of negative reviews but in my opinion, this was a pretty entertaining film. There’s action, drama, adventure, romance, and some deeply emotional moments. The action scenes are heart-pounding, exciting, and very realistic to watch. ***TINY SPOILER*** The existence of the cabin – the one Alex (Kate Winslet) discovers while taking photos during a rest period – being out in the middle of nowhere is totally believable. If you have ever seen DISCOVERY’S Alaskan Bush People or HISTORY’s Mountain Men, then you would know that there are people who live full-time or live part-time out in the middle of nowhere hunting, foraging, or protecting wildlife as a way of making a living. Cabins such as the one featured in this film are supposed to be in the wilderness with no man-made access road nearby; it’s called living off the grid. ***END*** The symbolism of this film is interesting because it is not only embedded in the story but also the title, mountains. These mighty and majestic mountains are monumental displays of nature and are the premises for so many forms of expression – such as literature/poetry, music, art, the Bible, even movies. Mountains are primarily used to symbolize an obstruction that an individual has to overcome in order to learn a valuable lesson and come away a different and more mature person. This is exactly what happens to the two main characters.

     Kate Winslet (A Little Chaos) and Idris Elba (Pacific Rim) have great chemistry together and it’s interesting to see how they experienced different feelings while being present in the exact same circumstance. They handle the elements against them with grace and guts; I don’t think a love story of this kind has ever been made before. Winslet is once again outstanding and gripping in her role as Alex Martin. While Elba is good he is a bit outshined by Winslet, who brings her character to life by taking her fiery spirit and unleashing it in a manner that is wild, yet honed as the film progresses.
     The cinematography (Mandy WalkerHidden Figures, Australia) is beautifully done and it brought out the deadly force that nature is capable of inflicting on anyone regardless of who or what you are. It’s clear that there were countless challenging shots that greatly added to the film’s strength in terms of easy access to the locations. Perhaps if the film had been directed by Mandy Walker then it would have been even better. The music is very good and helps with the film’s pacing and a few repetitive moments. The script was a bit predictable but heartfelt and it makes us think about what it means to live, to love, to be afraid, and what it takes to overcome the seemingly impossible. The ending was great, not perfect but pretty good; it could have probably been a bit more emotional.
     Overall, The Mountain Between Us (2017) is beautiful and entertaining to see. The cinematography was beautiful and showcased the majesty of the scenery, and the music was fitting. Using the mountains as the film’s symbol is perfect because it further highlights the characters’’ struggles and desperate need to find civilization despite having almost no hope; they would rather die trying than die never having tried. As far as the bad reviews floating around, I am sure that the bad reviews and low ratings never saw the film’s agenda; there are always going to be mountains in the way but if you don’t try and make an effort to get over the mountain then you will forever be stuck in between. I recommend this movie to everyone. 

"Nobody knows where we are. We're all we've got, me and you! That's it."
 - Alex Martin [to Ben]

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  9.3 of 10 stars
Worth Buying:  9.3 of 10 stars

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