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July 4, 2018

I Can Only Imagine (2018) --- "We've Heard The Song That Inspired Millions, And This Is The Untold Story."

Plot Summary
Growing up in Greenville, Texas, Bart Millard suffers physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father, Arthur. When Arthur becomes terminally ill, he finds redemption by embracing his faith and rediscovering his love for his son. Years later, Bart's troubled childhood and mended relationship with his dad inspires him to write the hit song "I Can Only Imagine" as singer of the Christian band MercyMe. (1)

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     I Can Only Imagine (2018) was an interesting, inspiring, and powerful true story behind one of the most popular and inspiring Christian song of the same name by Mercy Me. Sometimes movie trailers have a habit of revealing the entire film but luckily this was not the case for this film. I Can Only Imagine is so much better than the trailer makes it out to be, and the story behind this famous song is probably more inspiring than the song itself. I Can Only Imagine deserves the audience’s full undivided attention as it will not disappoint.

     The Erwin Brothers (Andrew Erwin and Jon ErwinMom’s Night Out) did a great job in directing this film. They presented the film’s material in a way that will touch audience members whether or not they're a Christian. The Christian content is central to the story and respected in its portrayal but it never feels forceful in its approach. In fact, believing in God is proven to be a practical and rational approach to dealing with both the sorrows and joys of life’s experiences. It demonstrates how people can change from living a destructive life due to bitterness and despair to living a life of compassion and hope.
     The story is lighthearted and humorous when it needs to be but its mainly about forgiveness and redemption. And once you understand the true story behind the song and who it was written for then it also makes the song even more inspiring. Bart’s story is so raw and his struggle with following his dream is deep. But then he’s challenged by someone who believes in him and his transformation can only be explained as the work of God.
     Aside from an amazing story the film also possesses strong character development and significant character transformations, the most noteworthy being the main character Bart played by J Michael Finley. It’s hard to believe that this is Finley’s first acting gig because most of the time it didn’t even seem like he was acting, instead it felt like we were watching the real Bart portray himself. He was witty, charming, and he carried the dramatic side so well that your heart goes out to him.  His voice is beautiful and he did the musical aspects of the film justice. By the end of the film, I felt like I understood Bart and the struggles he went through before writing this song. Dennis Quaid (A Dog’s Purpose; Fortitude) is one of my favorite actors and here he gives one of his best performances to date. The rest of the cast also did great in their respective roles.

     Overall, I Can Only Imagine (2018) is a wonderful story about forgiveness and redemption and whether the viewer is a Christian or not, this film will still inspire them. I don’t think we could thank Bart Millard enough for sharing his story and showing us that forgiveness can be found. Because even we don’t think someone deserves forgiveness, God does and that is the message this film tells. The acting was incredible. This is J Michael Finley first film and he gives an amazingly believable performance, and Dennis Quaid gives the best performance of his life. For those who dismiss this film simply because of its Christian based story will find that they are missing out on a wonderful story we could all learn from. I highly recommended this to anyone who has heard the song I Can Only Imagine, especially those who have wondered about the song’s true origins. Once again, thank you, Bart Millard, for sharing your story with us.

"Imagine what he is seeing up there, just imagine!"
- Memaw

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Worth Seeing: 10 of 10 stars
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