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June 14, 2017

The Mummy (2017) --- "Is Replacing Brandon Fraiser With Tom Cruise A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?"

Plot Summary
 Thought safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the desert, an ancient princess whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in the modern era, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia and terrors that defy human comprehension. 


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Hello, Movie Buffs! 

     Despite the many negative reviews (5.9/10 on IMDB, 3.5/5 on Fandango, and 17% on Rotten Tomatoes) I cannot hate The Mummy (2017). The Mummy is a cross between World War Z (2013) – dark, thrilling, and slight nightmarish – and The Mummy trilogy (1999, 2001, and 2008) – with its slight humor and newly resurrected mummy who has an evil agenda plot. Speaking of which, the plot does stay familiar with the original trilogy: a treasure hunting soldier and his buddy are caught in the middle of a battle only to discover a hidden tomb buried beneath a small village. This brings the attention of an archaeologist who wants to bring the contents of the tomb back to London to study it. However, we soon discover that this ancient tomb is actually the prison to a dark and evil mummified princess, who has awoken and plans to unleash greatest evil humankind has ever seen. The Mummy is a blockbuster adventure and while some don’t believe it to be a great movie (I believe otherwise), you cannot dismiss that it is still entertaining with some exciting action sequences and decent visual effects.

     I believe that the reason why this film is starting to be considered a flop I because audiences were expecting it to be either a true/similar reboot of the original trilogy or it was going to be horror drama/thriller like Aliens. That is not the case here. The Mummy is one of the first in the new Dark Universe franchise, similar to the Marvel Universe and the DC Extended Universe and yet still different. The Dark Universe focus on old Universal/Hammer horror movie elements by slowly creeping in fear caused by fictional monsters rather than the jump scares or deep psychological horrors of trending horror movie themes. In other words, Dark Universe films are meant to be watched as action films infused with classic horror creatures and characters. Now I personally do not watch horror films but I do sometimes like to watch films based on classic myths, creatures, and legends, like Victor Frankenstein (2015), Van Helsing (2004), The Heart of the Sea (2015) though the later is not necessarily a scary movie. I will admit that I did cover my eyes here or there but that’s just me.  
     The cast was great but my favorite character was the Mummy. The reason I say this is that they actually made her look very evil and very unpredictable. The mummies from the original trilogy were good villains but they were not very evil in comparison to the mummy in this film. I have found myself paying attention more to the villain in movies rather than the good guys because the one thing most action or superhero movies are lacking is an evil villain. In The Dark Knight Rises () and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) the villains were awesome bad guys but mostly because their voices clashed with their outer appearance, which ultimately made them cool. Here, the Mummy is a true villain both in appearance and in her voice. Sofia Boutella is an amazing villain as it seems she was born to play this role. She portrays her character as being both sexy and psychotically evil. One could even say that she is a beautiful as a rose petal but as deadly as its thorns. Those in charge of her costume and makeup did an excellent job at making her look a bit demonic and yet still keeping a certain wild beauty about her.
     The only area of concern that I have involves the trailers. The trailers revealed too many surprising scenes that in turn reduced the element of surprise in some big action scenes. Also, the final “battle” scenes was a bit anti-climactic, mostly because it was rather short and ended quickly; guy gets tossed around and then gains enough strength to fight the villain for about 15 seconds (pun intended). This resulted in the climax to lack excitement verse the first two acts, but should they continue this story perhaps it will get better in the sequel.
     Overall, The Mummy is by no means a bad film but whatever audiences may have expected -  either a true/similar reboot of the original trilogy or it was going to be horror drama/thriller like Aliens – then you will find it to be not as expected. The Mummy is a good blockbuster film and is a much darker version in comparison to the humor from the original trilogy. The film has plenty of action, is fast paced, and is worth checking out as one of the first films of Universal’s Dark Universe. Personally, I was very happy with the film. Since I did not have much knowledge of the movie, aside from what I saw in the trailers, nor did I try to compare it to the original trilogy beforehand. This allowed for me to remain pretty open minded in what I was going to expect and I was not disappointed. For those of you warring with the decision on whether to see the film then I think you should take the chance. For those who cannot stomach horror films then let me tell you that this is much lighter than Aliens: Covenant (2017) and could even be considered child’s play in comparison to Stephen King’s IT (2017). In the end, you will find an entertaining action film based on classic horror legends and myths. If you have not watched the trailer yet, then don’t do it before you see this film because it will be well worth it.

“Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.”
- Dr. Henry J…

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  5 of 5 star
Worth Buying:  5 of 5 stars

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Cast & Crew
 Directed by: Alex Kurtzman
Writing Credits: Jon Spaihts and Christopher McQuarrie.
Produced by 
Sarah Bradshaw       ---     executive producer
Jason F. Brown        ---     production executive
Bobby Cohen            ---     executive producer
Sean Daniel              ---     producer
Alex Kurtzman         ---     producer
Chris Morgan           ---     producer
Barbara Muschietti ---     executive producer
Roberto Orci             ---     producer
Music by: Brian Tyler
Cinematography by: Ben Seresin
Film Editing by: Gina Hirsch and Paul Hirsch
Production Design by: Jon Hutman and Dominic Watkins
Sofia Boutella                 ---        Ahmanet
Tom Cruise                       ---        Nick Morton
Annabelle Wallis           ---        Jenny Halsey
Russell Crowe                 ---        Dr. Henry Jekyll
Jake Johnson                  ---        Sgt. Vail
Chasty Ballesteros         ---        Kira Lee
Javier Botet                      ---        Set
Courtney B. Vance         ---        Colonel Gideon Forster
Marwan Kenzari            ---        ?
Amir El-Masry                ---        ?
George Georgiou            ---        Temple Priest
Selva Rasalingam          ---        King Menehptre
Alaa Safi                            ---        Sickle Slave
Dylan Smith                     ---        ?
Nasir Jama                       ---        Egyptian Slave
Jackson Kai                     ---        Mummy 

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