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March 13, 2017

Kong: Skull Island (2017) --- "Vietnam Soldiers Travel To A Mysterious Island And Discover A Giant Ape."

Plot Summary 
A diverse team of scientists, soldiers, and adventurers unite to explore a mythical, uncharted island in the Pacific, as dangerous as it is beautiful. Cut off from everything they know, the team ventures into the domain of the mighty Kong, igniting the ultimate battle between man and nature. As their mission of discovery becomes one of survival, they must fight to escape a primal Eden in which humanity does not belong. (1)

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Hello Movie Buffs!
     Kong: Skull Island is a greatly entertaining monster movie that was well-directed, well-written and well-acted, a film full of ideas from start to finish. Its action set- pieces are utterly impressive, the CGI is fantastic, and the story is genuinely interesting throughout; something that I did not expect going in.
     This is by far the greatest achievement in film for a Kong centered movie. The biggest issue
with Godzilla was that there just wasn't enough Godzilla but fortunately Skull Island rectifies that exact problem and makes Kong as big a character in the film as any of the humans. He is frequently appearing on screen at regular intervals and plays a genuine role in the story.
     The story is one aspect of the film that surprised me most. Kong: Skull Island is a fast- paced and absolutely jam-packed action movie that actually gets better and better as it moves along. Although this story does not follow the classic storyline that made both the 1933 and 2005 films, Skull Island does a fantastic job at bringing the character to a different time period, thus making a new and exciting storyline. Above all, setting the film during the end of the Vietnam War was original and made for a fascinating new viewpoint; we see through the lens of the anti-Vietnam War sentiment of the 1970s. This created an impressive layer of depth to the story and portrays Kong as a more interesting and emotionally resonant stand alone character.
     The characters have some very layered and interesting back stories. Samuel L. Jackson's character - a stubborn, war-mongering colonel taken from the Vietnam War he loved fighting in - is hugely interesting to watch, which at times added a far darker and more serious edge to the story. There is a whole host of other characters that bring some impressive depth to the story, making the film's large ensemble cast work well throughout the mo film.
     As stated before, Kong: Skull Island is a very exciting monster movie that's full of action throughout, and this is due to three reasons. One it is the amazing visual parallels drawn with Vietnam War films, such as Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Full Metal Jacket. Two is the stunning CGI that allows Kong to tower over the screen in comparison to the humans. And three is creating an alarming, genuinely terrifying, and worthy enemy for Kong, aside from the humans of course.

     On another note, while Kong: Skull Island is top-quality, it still isn't entirely perfect. For one, while the film is brimming with ideas and interesting characters throughout, it does cause the film to be viewed as a little crowded at times. The lack of a main character amidst the huge ensemble cast means it's definitely not as streamlined as I would have liked. Another is the parallels with Vietnam, and although this is unique and great to see in a movie it can be a little overbearing at times. Now, this does die down, later on, it was a predictable a first.

     Overall, Kong: Skull Island, is an impressively quick and innovative film but it does go a little too far with everything it does. With an enormous main cast and a story that's so jam-packed, I felt like things could have been carried out a little smoother than the finished product. Perhaps if there was more of a lead character to the story then it would have worked better. Now some say the leads were Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson, or John Goodman and Samuel L. Jackson, but in retrospect the lead was never actually stated and if it was, well I guess I missed. My suggestion, it’s  more of a blockbuster meant to fill seats and not exactly meant to win awards, take it for what it is.

"This planet doesn't belong to us. Ancient species owned this earth long before mankind. I spent 30 years trying to prove the truth: monsters exist."
- Bill Randa

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  3.8 of 5 stars
Worth Buying:  3 of 5 stars

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Cast & Crew 

Directed by: Jordan Vogt-Roberts.


Writing Credits: (ScreenplayDan GilroyMax Borenstein, and Derek Connolly

(Story byJohn Gatins.


Produced by 

     Debbi Bossi              ---    associate producer
     Edward Cheng         ---    executive producer
     Jennifer Conroy      ---    co-producer
     Alex Garcia              ---    producer
     Jon Jashni               ---    producer
     Eric McLeod            ---    executive producer
     Mary Parent            ---    producer
     Tom C. Peitzman    ---    co-producer
     Nicholas Simon      ---    line producer: Vietnam

     Thomas Tull            ---    producer



Tom Hiddleston --- James Conrad
Samuel L. Jackson --- Preston Packard
Brie Larson --- Mason Weaver
John C. Reilly --- Hank Marlow
John Goodman --- Bill Randa
Corey Hawkins --- Houston Brooks
John Ortiz --- Victor Nieves
Tian Jing --- San
Toby Kebbell --- Jack Chapman / Kong
Jason Mitchell --- Mills
Shea Whigham --- Cole
Thomas Mann --- Slivko
Eugene Cordero --- Reles
Marc Evan Jackson --- Landsat Steve
Will Brittain --- Young Marlow / Marlow's Son
Miyavi --- Gunpei Ikari
Richard Jenkins --- Senator Willis
Allyn Rachel --- Secretary O'Brien
Robert Taylor --- Athena Captain
James M. Connor --- General Ward (voice)
Thomas Middleditch --- Jerry (voice)
Beth Kennedy --- Marlow's Wife
Terry Notary --- Kong

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