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March 10, 2017

Collide (2017) --- "Guy Drives Drugs Across Europe In Order To Pay For Girlfriend's Medical Bills."

Plot Summary
To pay for his girlfriend's (Jones) medical emergency while abroad, Casey (Hoult) schemes to pull a drug heist for an eccentric gangster (Kingsley). After a failed attempt, he embarks across Europe on an action-packed chase in a race against time to save his girlfriend's life from being taken by an evil drug lord (Hopkins). (1)

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Hello Movie Buffs!
     Although this movie does not have much deep meaning, a complex plot or redeeming value, it was very surprisingly enjoyable. The reason I say this is because Collide is more of an indie movie, rather than a big Hollywood film like Star Trek or Fast and the Furious.

     The main characters, Casey (Nicholas Hoult) and Juliet (Felicity Jones) were more down to earth which portrayed a kind of innocence and believability that most people with they’re past can relate to. They’re acting and chemistry was excellent, sustaining the movie until the end. Although it could be easily assumed that Casey and Juliet were “backpacker”, I can safely say that they are not but rather two ex- pats living and working in Germany. It appears to be common in most movies such as this one, to refer to anyone between the ages of 20-30 as “backpackers.”

     The bad guys, Geran (Ben Kingsly) and Hagen Kahl (Anthony Hopkins) deserve kudos for portraying the rivaling quirky drug lords in a low-key manner. While Kingsley’s character was crazy and easier to talk to, Hopkins’ character was more mysterious and deadlier, but each similarly carried a sense of unpredictability. Antagonist’s such as these are often the most difficult characters to pull off, and this is mostly due to them being overly done. The secondary bad guys, the minions, were relentless in the chase keeping the tension level high throughout the entire movie.

     The plot was a basic escapade with chase gone wrong movie and a surprising twist at the end. The chase scenes and crash scenes were really well choreographed and not over the top or unwarranted. The gun battles, which had some twist, were worth watching even if the outcome of the battle was predictable or not.

     There was two weakness in this movie. One was the ending which was predictable and left a feeling of abruptness, particularly in regards to Anthony Hopkin's character whose story ended with a feeling of abruptness. This was most likely due to forced mandatory time constraints and as a result.  The second weakness was the lack of police support during most of the gun battles. Anyone who has seen Fast and the Furious, The Italian Job or even the Rush Hour trilogy know that the police are in the background for most scenes, even if they are 5 – 10 minutes behind the bad guys getting away.

     Overall, Collide was great entertainment that didn't require deep thought to enjoy. It is a love story that has not one been glossed over with rainbows and fairy dust but rather, demonstrates the lengths people will go to for those they love, even if it most assuredly does not guarantee your own survival. Now could this movie have been a little better as far as plot depth goes, possibly yes, but this is largely due to a number of factors; budget, time constraints, weather, locations, etc.

"We all got our reasons to do crazy, reckless things in life. But if the reason’s love, then maybe it’s not so crazy, and right now that’s the only thing keeping me alive."
- Casey Stein

Final Vote
Worth Seeing: 4.5 of 5 stars
Worth Buying: 4.5 of 5stars

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Cast & Crew
Directed by: Eran Creevy
Writing Credits: (ScreenplayF. Scott Frazier and Eran Creevy. (StoryF. Scott Frazier.
Produced by 
     Rory Aitken                           ---       producer
     Joel Silver                             ---       producer
     Ben Pugh                               ---       producer
     Brian Kavanaugh-Jones   ---       producer
     Daniel Hetzer                      ---       producer
     Aaron Auch                         ---       co-producer
     Ethan Erwin                         ---       co-producer
     F. Scott Frazier                    ---       co-executive producer
     Albert Chen                         ---       executive producer
     Ali Cook                                 ---       executive producer
     Chris Cowles                        ---       executive producer
     Chris Fenton                        ---       executive producer
     Stuart Ford                           ---        executive producer
     Hu Guo                                  ---       executive producer
     Matt Jackson                       ---      executive producer
     Richard Jackson                 ---      executive producer
     Hermann Joha                    ---      executive producer
     Dan Mintz                            ---      executive producer
     Ben Nearn                             ---      executive producer
     Kay Niessen                           ---      executive producer
     Bing Wu                               ---      executive producer
     Wen-ge Xiao                         ---      executive producer
     Miguel Palos                         ---      executive producer
     Tom Rice                                ---      executive producer
     Steve Richards                      ---      executive producer
     Steve Soffer                         ---      executive producer
     Steven Squillante                 ---     executive producer/ supervising line producer
     Marc Grewe                          ---      line producer
     Olive Uniacke                     ---      associate producer
     Susanne Ritter                      ---     associate producer
     Rian Cahill                            ---     associate producer

Nicholas Hoult --- Casey Stein
Felicity Jones --- Juliette Marne
Anthony Hopkins --- Hagen Kahl
Ben Kingsley --- Geran
Marwan Kenzari --- Matthias
Aleksandar Jovanovic --- Jonas (as Alexandar Jovanovic)
Erdal Yildiz --- Rainer
Clemens Schick --- Mirko
Johnny Palmiero --- Fitch
Ben Hecker --- Filling Station Clerk
Joachim Król --- Wolfgang
  Markus Klauk --- Talaz

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