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November 19, 2018

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011) --- “It All Ends Here. The Last Enemy Is Death”

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Plot Summary
A clash between good and evil awaits as young Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) prepare for a final battle against Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). Harry has grown into a steely lad on a mission to rid the world of evil. The friends must search for the Horcruxes that keep the dastardly wizard immortal. Harry and Voldemort meet at Hogwarts Castle for an epic showdown where the forces of darkness may finally meet their match. (1)

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     The Harry Potter franchise is easily one of the most successful franchises in cinematic history with 8 films that span 7 books and not a single bad film in its repertoire. Director David Yates and writer Steve Kloves have returned to finish this beloved series and the feeling is bittersweet. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011) starts off immediately where Part 1 ended and throughout the film unanswered questions or loose ends that have been around from the beginning, were finally explained. Audiences were able to understand what everything was for and why it happened that way.

Now I've read the Deathly Hallows book and while there were quite a few changes from book to film, the core of the story is just as touching and beautiful as the book.  Aforementioned, this film covers the last half of the book but this time there is even more action than all the other films combined and the final battle takes up over half of the film. There is also a substantial amount of humor spread throughout the film, even the serious moments have some humor to them so as to give a feeling of hope to the film. Hope that even though the darkness seems to have taken over everything, there is still a sliver of light still fighting to survive. In addition, the visuals (Eduardo Serra), special effects, production designs (Stuart Craig), and music score (Alexandre Desplat) are excellent all around.
     As always the cast is great but this time we get to see a whole other side to both our favorite and our not so favorite characters. You see a soft and sensitive side to Prof. Snap played by Alan Rickman (A Bit of Chaos); we get to see the man behind the mask. Ralph Fiennes increases the intensity as Lord Voldemort by portraying a side to him that is more fearful than angry, and we all know that people can do unimaginable things when they are afraid. Matthew Lewis (Me Before You) as Neville Longbottom has come along way from being small, pudgy, and scared little boy getting bullied to the now young man who has the courage to stand up to the Dark Lord. Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint have grown up into fine young adults, and Maggie Smith as Prof. McGonagall shows that when it comes right down to it she is fiercely protective of her students and is willing to break school rules to ensure their safety.

     Overall, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011) is an incredible and bittersweet conclusion to a beloved franchise. The story ties up loose ends that have been around since the first film, the final battle was worth waiting for 8 films for, the technical side – visuals, music, special effects, and sets – are stunning, and the cast has grown tremendously. I not only recommend seeing this film but if you're not familiar with the rest of the franchise then I suggest you watch it and read it.

- Professor Severus Snape

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  8.7 of 10 star
Worth Buying:  8.7 of 10 stars

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