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March 5, 2018

In The Blood (2014) --- "Her Husband Goes Missing On Their Honeymoon. How She Tracks Him Down Will Shock You."

Plot Summary
Newlyweds Ava (Carano) and Derek (Cam Gigandet) are celebrating their recent marriage in the Caribbean when suddenly Derek vanishes into thin air. Devastated, Ava, a trained fighter, puts her deadly skills to work as she seeks brutal revenge against the men she believes to have abducted him. The closer Ava gets to the answers, however, the more apparent it becomes that she has stumbled into a vast conspiracy that's bigger than she could have imagined. Now, she must survive long enough to seek vengeance and to expose the sinister act of treason once and for all. (1)

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     In The Blood (2014) starring Gina Carano, Cam Gigandet, Luis Guzman, Danny Trejo, and Amaury Nolasco is a great and violent crime thriller action film that puts a female twist on the film Taken (2008). Directed by John Stockwell (Into the Blue), In the Blood tells the story of newly married Ava, a woman with a violent past, and Derek, the prodigal son of a wealthy family, who are honeymooning in the Dominican Republic. When Derek goes missing, it is up to Ava to use an unconventional set of skills to figure out what happened to him and serve justice to those who are responsible. There have been countless films like this made that threw in vulgar and corny jokes just so that it could have some comedic relief. But this film does the opposite. There is a lack of comedic relief and strays far from reality but this draws you into the story and makes what Ava does that much more compelling.

     The film is well written, for an otherwise B-film, by James Robert Johnston and Bennett Yellin (Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead) and contains plenty of twists and fight scenes to entertain. The majority of the story focuses on Ava’s desperate search for her husband but she soon learns that the corruption goes so deep that when an American tourist is kidnapped, those responsible for it pay everyone to pretend it never happened even the cops. This leaves Ava alone in a country where no one believes her and she can’t trust anyone. This wonderful use of misdirection is smart and allows us to see great character development from her. The origin of the skills she uses throughout the film are explained through a series of flashbacks as well as sheds light on her character. This is most certainly not a film for the faint of heart or kids because the action is bloody, violent, and off the charts that will leave your heart pounding even after the credits roll.
     Former MMA fighter, Gina Carano (Fast & the Furious 6) as Ava is perfectly believable despite being relatively new to acting. Her acting and action skills remind me of a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the beginning of his career Schwarzenegger wasn't the greatest actor and over time he became a legend. Carano is the same. Her part in Fast & Furious 6 was small but this film allows her to make a name for herself by being the leading lady. It would have been really cool to see her play an Amazonian warrior in Wonder Woman (2017) and in Justice League (2017). The supporting cast – Cam Gigandet (Twilight), Luis Guzman (Count of Monte Cristo), Danny Trejo (Spy Kids), Amaury Nolasco (Fast & Furious), Stephen Lang (Avatar), Treat Williams (The Phantom), and Ismael Cruz Cordova (Mary Queen of Scots) – surrounding Carano are also great, especially Trejo who is perfect for his role.

     Overall, In the Blood (2014) is a violent action thriller that is very entertaining despite the leading actress is relatively new to acting. Gina is great as the lead and the rest of the cast support her character good. The story provides some surprising twists with great character development. I highly recommended this film to anyone who enjoys a violent action film with little to no comedy, but keep in mind that this is not for the faint of heart or young viewers. If you enjoyed the Taken series then you will love this female take on a great film.

"I have to finish this."
- Ava

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  7.8 of 10 stars
Worth Buying:  7.8 of 10 stars

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