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November 27, 2017

Star Trek: Into the Darkness (2013) --- "Super Soldier Goes On A Rampage To Rescue Crew Trapped In Torpedoes."

Plot Summary
The crew of the Starship Enterprise returns home after an act of terrorism within its own organization destroys most of Starfleet and what it represents, leaving Earth in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Capt. James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) leads his people (Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoƫ Saldana) on a mission to capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction, thereby propelling all of them into an epic game of life and death. (1)

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     I would like to start off by saying that I have not had the chance to watch all of the old Star Trek films but I hope one day I will have the chance to do so. However, my father watched the films growing up so he offered some insight on a comparison between the old films and the new films.
     Star Trek: Into the Darkness (2013) is the continuation of the alternate universe which was established in the first film in 2009. Into the Darkness main story point focuses on a 20th-Century super-human tyrant named Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch), who made his first appearance in The Original Series (1967, episode “Space Seed”) after spending centuries in suspended animation with his crew and then again in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). It appears that the film’s story seems to coincide with the TOS episodes rather than the 1983 film; I do not wish to spoil the film for you but if you can compare/contrast the film at Fandom powered by Wikia, scroll down to 23 Century Return. Now some people say that Into the Darkness is worse than the first film while others, myself included, believe that it is better than the first film.  I found the film to be absorbing and brilliant, while the disappointment is understandable it is not nearly as bad as some Trekkie fans make it out to be. Into the Darkness has more action as it is staged in a way that makes for a thrilling, exciting, and tension filled movie. The cinematography was great, the sound effects held realism, and the music score was again beautiful. The cast, as always, is a crucial part of the entire story and I believe that everyone played their characters well, both old and new.
     Despite the film being entertaining, there were a few flaws to be found. First, there is the use of lens flares that are overused and are sometimes distracting. Second is the script which has a few clunky moments and some of it feels dumbed down. The characters were great but a few of them seemed underused; Bones (Karl Urban) was in the background too often, Dr. Carol (Alice Eve) was more or less a window display, and Marcus (Peter Weller) looked like he was trying a bit too hard.
     Overall, Star Trek: Into the Darkness (2013) is entertaining with a detailed plot, exciting action, and some great characters. The main cast is more developed in their relationships and personalities, and the phrase ‘bonding under fire’ seems appropriate. This is a fast paced film that is based on The Original Series TV show (rather than the 1982 film) but in an alternative universe. Yes, there are a few flaws but this is not the franchise worst film nor is it their darkest hour.

"...the most dangerous adversary the Enterprise has ever faced."
- Ambassador Spock

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  4 of 5 star
Worth Buying:  4 of 5 stars

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Cast & Crew
Directed by J.J. Abrams 
Produced by 
     J.J. Abrams             ---     producer
     Bryan Burk             ---     producer
     Jeffrey Chernov     ---     executive producer
     David Ellison          ---     executive producer
     Dana Goldberg       ---     executive producer
     Tommy Gormley   ---     co-producer
     Tommy Harper      ---     co-producer
     Alex Kurtzman       ---     producer
     Damon Lindelof    ---     producer
     Roberto Orci           ---     producer
     Michelle Rejwan    ---     co-producer
     Ben Rosenblatt      ---     co-producer
     Paul Schwake         ---     executive producer
Cinematography by Dan Mindel
Film Editing by Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey
Production Design by Scott Chambliss         
Set Decoration by Karen Manthey      
Costume Design by Michael Kaplan

Chris Pine                               ---      Kirk
Zachary Quinto                    ---      Spock
Zoe Saldana                           ---      Uhura
Karl Urban                             ---      Bones
Simon Pegg                             ---      Scotty
John Cho                                 ---      Sulu
Benedict Cumberbatch     ---      Khan
Anton Yelchin                       ---      Chekov
Bruce Greenwood               ---      Pike
Peter Weller                           ---      Marcus
Alice Eve                                 ---      Carol Marcus
Noel Clarke                            ---      Thomas Harewood
Nazneen Contractor           ---      Rima Harewood
Kimberly Arland                  ---      Madeline
Beau Billingslea                   ---      Captain Abbot
Anjini Taneja Azhar           ---      Lucille Harewood
Chris Hemsworth                ---      George Kirk
Jennifer Morrison               ---      Winona Kirk 

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