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November 20, 2017

Geostorm (2017) --- "Man Made Weather Controller Has A Virus. Find Out If It's Government Tampering Or Bad Software."

Plot Summary
After an unprecedented series of natural disasters threatened the planet, the world's leaders came together to create an intricate network of satellites to control the global climate and keep everyone safe. But now, something has gone wrong: the system built to protect Earth is attacking it, and it becomes a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide Geostorm wipes out everything and everyone along with it. (1)

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     I would like to start out by saying that Geostorm (2017) does not deserve SyFy channel worthy reviews of 1 star. I am a big fan of disaster films and have been looking forward to Geostorm since the first trailer was released months ago. Anybody who is also a fan of disaster films will find this film to be just as entertaining and delivers on all the points that the trailer said it would.

     Geostorm (2017) is a truly photogenic sci-fi disaster film, with good directing (Dean Devlin), good cinematography (Roberto Schaefer), great music (Lorne Balfe), and good acting. Tradition disaster films focus on a group of people surviving natural disasters (i.e. 2012, San Andreas, The Day After Tomorrow), Geostorm is different because it is not only about outer-space satellites being used to control geographical/weather phenomenon but also that true disaster and true evil come from humans. The film makes great use of political conspiracies – like killing large groups of people and making it look like an accident – that are quite real in our modern day. The film pushes the boundaries of believability and presents us with probably one of the craziest, over-the-top doomsday scenario ever put on film. The story is good at building tension through some plot twists and uses climate change to keep audiences wondering what if these disasters happened in real life. The humor is minimal but worked well for this film and the action scenes were exciting and emotionally impactful.
     The acting was good. Gerald Butler is great as the troubled American, Jake Lawson who designed and built the weather-changing-satellite. There is the funny moment when his American character points out that he was actually born in the UK, it’s like the writers realized that Butler’s American accent sounds wobbly so they decided to give him an excuse.  The rest of the ISS crew is great, Alexandra Maria Lara is fitting as Commander Fassbinder, Eugenio Derbez is funny as Hernandez, and Amr Waked is interesting as Dussette. Ed Harris is amazing as Leonard Dekkom, while Andy Garcia is very good as President Palma. However, Jim Sturgess as Max is good but a bit wooden at times, and Abbie Cornish as Secret Service agent Sarah Wilson was also good but very one-dimensional most of the time.

     Overall Geostorm (2017) is a pretty good disaster film with an over-the-top plot, great cast, and an all-out spectacle of destruction makes the film entertaining from start to finish. There is something for everyone here; a government conspiracy, a car chase, an adventure on a space station, and well-written family drama (despite the reconciliation stories being rather cliché in disaster films). There may have been times when it felt like there was too much going on but in the end, the film was never boring. Don't knock it if you haven’t tried it.

"I worked on this day in and day out week after week for years, what did they do? They turned it into a gun"
- Jake Lawson [on Dutchboy]

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  4 of 5 star
Worth Buying:  4 of 5 stars

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Cast & Crew
Directed by Dean Devlin
Writing Credits  Dean Devlin and Paul Guyot
Produced by 
     Chen On Chu  ...    line producer: Hong Kong
     Dean Devlin    ...    producer
     David Ellison   ...    producer
     Herb Gains      ...    executive producer
     Dana Goldberg       ...      producer
     Don Granger   ...    executive producer
     Cliff Lanning   ...    co-producer
     Rachel Olschan      ...      co-producer
     Marc Roskin    ...    executive producer
Music by Lorne Balfe
Cinematography by Roberto Schaefer
Film Editing by Chris Lebenzon, John Refoua, and Ron Rosen
Casting By Ronna Kress  
Production Design by Kirk M. Petruccelli    
Set Decoration by Anne Kuljian and Lori Mazuer

Gerard Butler                                  ...      Jake Lawson
Jim Sturgess                                     ...      Max Lawson
Abbie Cornish                                  ...      Sarah Wilson
Alexandra Maria Lara                 ...      Ute Fassbinder
Daniel Wu                                         ...      Cheng Long
Eugenio Derbez                               ...      Al Hernandez
Amr Waked                                      ...      Ray Dussette
Adepero Oduye                               ...      Eni Adisa
Andy Garcia                                     ...      President Andrew Palma
Ed Harris                                          ...      Leonard Dekkom
Robert Sheehan                              ...      Duncan Taylor
Richard Schiff                                 ...      Senator Cross
Mare Winningham                        ...      Dr. Cassandra Jennings
Zazie Beetz                                        ...      Dana
Talitha Eliana Bateman              ...      Hannah Lawson
Gregory Alan Williams                ...      General Montgraff
Richard Regan Paul                     ...      Makmoud Habib
David Jensen                                   ...      Dr. Brackish Quigley
Derek Roberts                                  ...      Major Collner
Judd Lormand                                ...      Richard Hill
Corey Mendell Parker                  ...      Lammy
Randall Newsome                         ...      Vice President Miller
Douglas M. Griffin                         ...      NASA Tech (Mission Control)
Joe Drago                                          ...      Senior NASA Tech
Julia Denton                                    ...      Hannah's Mom

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