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April 10, 2017

F&F 6: Fast and Furious 6 (2013) --- "Watch Both Sides Of The Law Team Up To Track Down The Biggest Felon Of All."

Plot Summary
Since Dom (Diesel) and Brian's (Walker) Rio heist toppled a kingpin's empire and left their crew with $100 million, our heroes have scattered across the globe. But their inability to return home and living forever on the lam have left their lives incomplete. Meanwhile, Hobbs (Johnson) has been tracking an organization of lethally skilled mercenary drivers across 12 countries, whose mastermind (Evans) is aided by a ruthless second-in-command revealed to be the love Dom thought was dead, Letty (Rodriguez). The only way to stop the criminal outfit is to outmatch them at street level, so Hobbs asks Dom to assemble his elite team in London. Payment? Full pardons for all of them so they can return home and make their families whole again.
- Written by Universal Pictures

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Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     Fast & Furious 6 reunites the entire gang to take on bigger stakes and the vision for this film is to be bigger, more absurd, and more awesome than before. This is Justin Lin’s fourth film in the franchise and once again he has managed to create a movie that makes us forget all previous ones. Of course, most of the films budget and time was more dedicated to high-speed dueling, massive explosions, inspired stunt-work and creative property damage; yet this allowed for part of the plot to suffer in the long run. Now the plot was good, I have nothing against that. But there are plot holes and many of the action scenes are hectically shot and weakly edited so it can be hard to tell what's going on in some scenes. However, the film does have the merit of presenting a cast of villains that are practically the mirror image of the cast of heroes and the story, thanks to the production team, pulls out a few surprising twists. This film uses an overabundance of quality sets, props, costumes, and loads of flashy cars at its disposal. In addition, the acting is generally fun and enjoyable from the whole cast. Whether or not you like this film will depend on whether or not you like the characters and their dynamics.
     It does help to watch and understand the events of the previous five films because each of the characters and their back-stories has been introduced periodically. Fortunately, the film does insert some flashbacks and reminders for the audience's benefit. For those that have to keep up with the series, then you will be well rewarded with a cast of endearing and heartfelt characters, and the film's sub-plot revolves around each character’s ongoing struggles. One would expect that this would be another Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Paul Walker movie but in actuality, it is a Roman (Tyrese Gibson) movie. Every Roman moment is filled with humor and he more than makes up for the forced seriousness of the other cast members. Luke Evans was a good villain although his character has pretty much no personality in front of the towering hunks of Diesel and Johnson.
     I don't think many other franchises have been as turbulent and uneven as The Fast and the Furious films over the last 12 years have been a turbulent and uneven road. Now all five previous films have been great in their own way but there were some cons as far as the direction of the films, from one to the next, have gone. First, The Fast and the Furious (2001) by Rob Cohen (The Boy Next Door, xXx, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) started out earnestly and left us wanting more but quickly careened into odd directions. John Singleton (Abduction) 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) was good but it upset fans when the film followed one main original character and left the other in the dust. Justin Lin’s Tokyo Drift (2006) offered an insight into a new kind of racing but it drifted away with completely different characters. Thankfully, Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond)  realigned the series with its roots in Fast & Furious (2009) but it was not until his third film in the franchise, Fast Five (2011) when audiences started to pay more attention the series. All films have their fun moments, and it wasn’t until Fast Five (2011) when every aspect and character from all previous films were made relevant. Best of all, it did so with a great sense of fun; great pacing, amusing comedy, amazing action, and it made the characters stand out individually as an ensemble cast.

     Overall, Fast and Furious 6 is a shamelessly entertaining, laugh-inducing, and awe-inspiring thrill ride. Part espionage thriller and part testosterone fueled race track. This film offers, perhaps the only real competition into Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) racing skills. Stay tuned for after the credits for a tease of what is to come in Furious 7 (2015).

“You don't turn your back on family, even when they do.”

- Dominic Toretto

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  4 of 5 stars
Worth Buying:  4 of 5 stars

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Cast & Crew

Directed by: Justin Lin


Writing Credits:

   (Written by) Chris Morgan
   (Characters by) Gary Scott Thompson.


Produced by 

   Vin Diesel                ---     producer
   Alexander Dostal    ---     line producer: Russia
   Amanda Lewis        ---     executive producer
   Justin Lin                ---     executive producer
   Chris Morgan          ---     executive producer
   Neal H. Moritz        ---     producer
   Clayton Townsend ---     producer
   Samantha Vincent ---     executive producer



Paul Walker --- Brian O'Conner
Vin Diesel --- Dominic Toretto
Jordana Brewster --- Mia Toretto
Gal Gadot --- Gisele
Sung Kang --- Han
Tyrese Gibson --- Roman
Ludacris --- Tej
Luke Evans --- Shaw
Dwayne Johnson --- Hobbs
Elsa Pataky --- Elena
Gina Carano --- Riley
Clara Paget --- Vegh
Kim Kold
--- Klaus
Joe Taslim --- Jah
Benjamin Davies --- Adolfson
David Ajala --- Ivory
Thure Lindhardt --- Firuz

John Ortiz --- Braga

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