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November 5, 2019

Terminator Salvation (2009) --- “The End Begins And It’s Time To Fight Back”

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Hello, Movie Buffs!
     In 2003, death row criminal Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) is convinced by the cancerous Dr. Serena Kogan (Helen Bonham Carter) to donate his body to her research program and he accepts. Now in 2018, Skynet has destroyed most of humanity and its survivors have been in hiding underground ever since. And after a failed attack on a Skynet base, John Conner (Christian Bale) is the sole survivor but he discovers that Skynet is developing a more powerful Terminator that is half-human and half-machine. When Marcus shows up naked and suffering from amnesia he befriends a teenage Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) and a girl named Star (Jadagrace) who helps him to survive and navigate this new and unfamiliar world. Although Connor believes that Marcus was sent from the future to kill him when Kyle is in trouble the two must join forces in order to save Kyle and the other humans captured by the machines.
     Directed by McG (Rim of the World) and written by John Brancato (Surrogates) and Michael Ferris (The Simpsons), Terminator Salvation (2009) is an entertaining action film and the fourth installment in the Terminator franchise. The story offers much. For one thing, the future is now the present, which allows for the action to take place during the reign of Skynet, rather than before it. Also, the future is more organized and militarized and while it is a stark contrast from bleak and depressing nature of the previous films, it doesn’t give off the feeling that mankind is at its last leg. In a way, Salvation is more of a side film. It’s entertaining and a good addition in the franchise, but it doesn’t exactly follow along the same timeline. It sort of follows in between the already established storylines. This is a great action film that is just as noisy as its predecessors, follows a great pace, and is obviously way better than Terminator 3 (2003). 
As for the cast performances, I believe that they did a good job, even with the absence of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been limited to a CGI cameo without all of his signature lines or dialogue. Christian Bale (Ford Vs. Ferrari) uses his deep voice and troubled look to pull off the gruff character that is John Conner. Sam Worthington (Titan, Avatar franchise) is a little bit better than Bale but this is mainly due to the fact that he is a more interesting character. Anton Yelchin (Star Trek franchise) looks like his character, Moon Bloodgood (Code Black, Falling Skies) is cute as Blair Williams, Jadagrace (The Jadagrace Show) plays the unwelcome cute kid well, and Michael Ironside (The Alienist) is solid as General Ashdown. Bryce Dallas Howard (Rocketman, Jurassic World 3) is okay as John Conner’s wife Kate, Helen Bonham Carter (The Crown) distracts by being overly famous for her role, and Common (The Kitchen) fails to fails to live up to his role as Barnes. 

     Overall, Terminator Salvation (2009) is a slightly odd and yet entertaining addition in the Terminator franchise. The story fits in between other storylines and yet still manages to be better than the last film, Terminator 3. This is not a great film or a thrilling spectacular but it is not bad either and manages to work in its own way. The cast performances were good but it would have been nice to see a real cameo from Schwarzenegger, rather than the lackluster CGI version we were given.
Final Vote --- 6.8 of 10 stars

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