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May 31, 2019

Godzilla (2014) --- “As The World Ends, Godzilla Begins. Prepare For A King.”

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Hello, Movie Buffs!
    In 1999 Japan the Janjira nuclear plant was mysteriously destroyed and most of its works lost as well, including Supervisor Technician Joe Brody's (Brian Cranston) colleague and wife, Sandra (Juliette Binoche). 15 years later, Joe is still obsessively searching for the truth behind the unexplained accident but when his estranged son, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a US Navy ordnance disposal officer, comes to Japan to bail him out, the pair uncover the disastrous secret behind the accident. They and countless others witness the reawakening of a terrible monster that not only threatens all of humanity but also reveals to be part of a pair. Against impossible odds and what appears to be the end of the world, humanity’s only hope now lies with Godzilla, a legend that once thought lost. But the fight for the title of King of the Monsters will be far bigger than humanity realized nor will they ever fully understand the true nature of their newfound ally. While the world is beset by apocalyptic monsters, one of them may very well prove to be their only hope of survival. Will Godzilla succeed and be crowned the King of Monsters? Or will he doom all of humanity?
   Directed by Gareth Edwards (Rogue One, Monsters), written by Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of Monsters) and Dave Callaham (Wonder Woman 2, Zombieland 2), Godzilla (2014) is a classic and epic monster film that will hold your attention till the very end. The story is inspired by the writings of Ishiro Honda, Takeo Murata, and Shigeru Kayama, and is probably one of the best monster films since Jurassic Park (1993). The 1998 version does not even come close to this film as it is more creative, more dramatic, and involves bigger fight scenes that you didn’t even think were possible. I do wish that there was a bit more focus more on the monsters than the humans. Humanity it witnessing the culmination of an ancient conflict that began more than millions of years ago. Subsequently, the monsters complete lack of acknowledgment concerning the humans further intensifies the drama by affirming just how insignificant humanity can be when faced with a much bigger prey. “The arrogance of man is to believe that he controls nature, not the other way around" -  Dr. Ishiro (Ken Watanabe - The Last Samurai, Memoirs of a Geisha).
   The film’s visual effects are incredible. The CGI of Godzilla and the MUTOs is pretty impressive, not to mention the sound effects make the monsters look even more believable. The action sequences effectively build up tension and thrill with moments of unpredictability that were in no way clichéd. The music by Alexandre Desplat (Argo) honors the eerie feel of the original soundtrack but also manages to be uniquely menacing with rich horns that complement the film’s tone throughout.
   The cast performances were just as good as the monsters themselves. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, The Upside) and Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai, Memoirs of a Geisha) are great and steal the show in every scene they are in. Aaron Taylor Johnson (Age of Ultron) is admirable as the main character, his chemistry with Elizabeth Olsen (Age of Ultron, Infinity War, Endgame) is good but it could have been better. Perhaps, it is because they play a husband and wife here but play brother and sister in the Avengers films. Juliette Binoche (Chocolate, High Life) was only seen for a short time but she managed to leave an impressing, however, Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water) was a bit forgettable.
   Overall, Godzilla (2014) is a classic and epic monster film that pays homage to the original but it also manages to stand on its own. The story is action-packed, dramatic, intense, and emotional in certain areas. The visual effects are incredible, the CGI is impressive, and the music is just as eerie as the original but also manages to be unique to this film. The cast performances were great, some were better than others but overall they managed to achieve what they set out to do. If you are a fan of Pacific Rim (2013 & 2018) and Kong: Skull Island (2017) then I recommend this film, especially if you are planning to see the upcoming film Godzilla: King of Monsters

Final Vote --- 7.8 of 10 stars
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