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January 28, 2019

Kin (2018) --- “All He Needed Was A Way Out. No But Some Things Aren't Meant To Be Found.”

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Hello, Movie Buffs!
     Directed by brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker, based on they’re short film Bag Man (2014), and screenplay by Daniel Casey (Fast & Furious 9), Kin (2018) is a sci-fi action film that follows two brothers on a road trip, Elijah (Myles Truitt), whose discovered an advanced weapon in an abandoned warehouse, and Jimmy (Jack Reynor), who is in on the run from a group of thugs led by Taylor (James Franco). Along the way, they meet a slew of characters, including Milly (Zoe Kravitz), and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Will they be able to outrun Taylor, the cops, and the true owners of the advanced weapon or will they succumb to the consequences of they’re actions?

     The story is good a bit lackluster but it tries to build a relationship between the brothers and adds a bit of a sci-fi element by way of the unknown beings who are racing to retrieve the weapon from Elijah. However, this aspect is used more as a backstory than as part of the main plot and result, the final twist is interesting but not a total shock. Almost like the filmmakers are to make it seem like there is more to the story then there really is. Perhaps if they did away with the whole Taylor and thugs plot and focused mainly on the brothers being chased by the unknown beings then I believe that the film would have had more success.  I am not saying that this is not good, but don’t expect it to be like another I, Robot (2004) or Elysium (2013). If you can appreciate this film for what the trailers offer and don’t go in with high expectations then you will easily enjoy this film.
     The cast of characters did good with what they were given. Myles Truitt (Black Lightning), Jack Reynor  (Transformers: Age of extinction. Macbeth), and Zoe Kravitz (The Crimes of Grindelwald) worked great together, Dennise Quaid (I Can Only Imagine) was a nice surprise, while James Franco (Disaster Artist. The Deuce) was expected as he seems to have taken on darker and more raunchier roles recently. The rest of the supporting cast did great as well.
     Overall, Kin (2018) is not an amazing film but it is not completely horrible. The story had an interesting idea but it failed to take advantage of it successfully. There was a great twist at the end that could have been even better if the story didn’t make it take a back seat and focused more on leading up to it. The cast gave good performances so that also helped a bit with the story. All in all, if you can appreciate this film for what the trailers offer and don’t go in with high expectations then you will easily enjoy this film.

"It's a gun. An alien gun."
- Eli (to Jimmy)

Final Vote --- 6.8 of 10 stars

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