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May 29, 2017

Baywatch (2017) --- "This Is What Happens When You Replace Pamela Anderson With A Rock And Whole Lot Of F-Bombs."

Plot Summary
Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) and a brash new recruit (Zac Efron) uncover a criminal plot that threatens the future of the Bay. (1)

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WARNING: This film has a MPAA Rating of for a lot of crude sexual content, language throughout, and some graphic male nudity.

NOTE: I did not know how risqué this movie was until I saw the film.

Hello, Movie Buffs! 
     I have never seen the original Baywatch TV series but I do know that it was popular, not because it was a good quality show but because it was trashy and filled with scantily clad supermodels running in slow-motion. Baywatch (2017) holds some of those qualities. While the film delivers some action and comedy it is just barely enough to keep the film from moving at a reluctantly slow pace. From the trailers, it is clear that the film attempts at comedy which is funny but most of the time it’s the crude and stereotypical sex jokes with more than a few shots of the genitalia parts. The dialogue was clever when filled with the right jokes but those joke quickly led to overused and pointless cursing that has now become quite cliché. The plot was good but at the same time, it was predictable. The characters were funny but their backgrounds were given very early on and all at one time.
     Now the question is what’s the point of the film? There isn’t one because it’s Baywatch. Although it tries to follow in the footsteps of Fast and Furious where silly humor and gut action lead the way but there's a big difference between the two. In Fast and Furious It's funny because the characters are trying to be serious rather than trying too hard to be funny, there are a certain flow and easiness to the humor. In Baywatch, the characters act like and appear to be a ridiculous comedy where at any moment they’ll either wink at the camera or start narrating to the audience (like in, Robin Hood: Men in Tights). In addition, since this is a reboot of the TV show then there is bound to be at least one (in this case two) cameo of David Hasselhoff. The cameo was a bit cheesy but at the same time it fit in with how the rest of the movie was going.

     Overall, Baywatch is an entertaining, shallow comedic, and sometimes clever film with actors that are used more for their looks than their brains. If you can overlook the crude jokes, sexual innuendos, and one particular scene of nudity then I believe that you will this film to be just as entertaining. If Baywatch (2017) decides to do a sequel then they are going to have to really focus more on witty humor and less on sexual innuendos, as well as finding the right tone or perfect niche. You won’t exactly be wasting your money on this movie if you choose to see it in theaters but I do recommend that viewers wait until this movie comes out on Netflix or Redbox.

“Am I the only who thinks this is clearly a job for the police?”
- Matt Brody

Final Vote
Worth Seeing:  3 of 5 stars
Worth Buying:  2.9 of 5 stars

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Cast & Crew
Directed by: Seth Gordon

Writing Credits:
(Screenplay) Damian Shannon and Mark Swift.

Produced by:
Ali Bell                       ---   executive producer
Michael Berk            ---   producer
Michele Berk            ---   executive producer
Gregory J. Bonann   ---   producer
David Ellison            ---   executive producer
Beau Flynn               ---   producer
Dany Garcia              ---   executive producer
Hiram Garcia            ---   co-producer
Dana Goldberg         ---   executive producer
Don Granger             ---   executive producer
Dwayne Johnson      ---   producer
Joe Medjuck             ---   executive producer
Tom Pollock              ---   producer
Ivan Reitman           ---   producer
Mary Rohlich            ---   executive producer
Louise Rosner          ---   executive producer
Eli Roth                     ---   co-producer
Douglas Schwartz    ---   producer

Alexandra Daddario               ---   Summer Quinn
Dwayne Johnson                     ---   Mitch Buchanan
Pamela Anderson                     
Zac Efron                                   ---   Matt Brody
Kelly Rohrbach                        ---   C.J. Parker
Priyanka Chopra                     ---   Victoria Leeds
Ilfenesh Hadera                      ---   Stephanie Holden
Charlotte McKinney                
Ana Flavia Gavlak                   ---   Lifeguard
Angelique Kenney                   ---   Surfer beach babe
David Hasselhoff                     
Brandon Larracuente            ---   Skateboarder #1
Hannibal Buress                       
Izabel Goulart                           
Oscar Nuñez                             ---   Councilman Rodriguez
Rob Huebel                               ---   Captain Thorpe
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II         ---   Sgt. Ellerbee
Maegan Vogel                           ---   Bikini Model
Jon Bass                                     ---   Ronnie
Haviland Stillwell                    ---   Allegre

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